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The outlaw firm

Family Law and General Civil Litigation

BLue spruell, lead counsel   Shelby Outlaw, founder & of counsel

A family of lawyers Practicing family law since 1985

The Outlaw Firm, LLC, is small enough to know you and your case personally and big enough to function as a team.

We share a passion for justice. We chose this career because of our desire to help people solve problems.

Litigation is a complex and complicated process, governed by constantly evolving principles and procedures. Legal problems present some of the greatest intellectual challenges faced by any profession. The Outlaw Firm team is dedicated to creating and carrying out winning strategies by staying informed on the evolving state of the law and focusing exceptional skills garnered from the varied life experiences that complement our legal education and experience.

Areas of practice

Family Law

Approximately 70% of our practice is concentrated in family and domestic relations law. 

Every family is different, which makes every case special. We are always mindful that in most cases there will still be family ties that bind the parties after divorce.

Our challenge is to protect your rights and assure your safety and your financial security while preserving a relationship through your children.

Civil Litigation

At The Outlaw Firm, we are general civil litigators who understand the nuances of settlement negotiation in the conference room and litigation in the courtroom when your  case must be resolved by a judge or jury.

We have litigated in all classes of Georgia’s courts, including Superior, State, Probate, as well as in local courts such as Magistrate and Municipal Courts.

Appellate Practice

In every case resolved by trial, there is a clear winner and a clear loser.

No one likes to lose a case, but sometimes judges or jurors, who are only human, make mistakes. The appellate courts exist to correct mistakes. 

The Outlaw Firm legal team has extensive appellate experience in the Court of Appeals of Georgia, the Supreme Court of Georgia, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

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