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Family Law

divorce & separate maintenance custody
Paternity, legitimation & modification
alimony & child support

Approximately 70% of our practice is concentrated in family law, which also comprises approximately 70% of every Superior Court’s civil docket. 

Every case is special, because every family is different, and we are always mindful that in most cases there will always be family ties that bind the parties after divorce. 

Our challenge is to protect your rights and assure your safety and your financial security while preserving at the core a relationship through your children.

After all, there will always be birthdays, graduations, weddings and grandchildren to share after you’ve split the property and the money.

Divorce is a Court of Equity, which is another way of saying “fairness” and we strive to achieve a fair result for all concerned because unfair results foster future battles.

 But what if the other side doesn’t want to be fair? Well, if they don’t want to be fair, they must be made to be fair, and we know how to win those battles, too.

Our founder’s mother used to say:

“Divorce is more grievous than death because you’ve lost the relationship but you’ve still got to deal with the body.” 

There is no pain like the broken heart of divorce and no time when you are more in need of compassion and understanding or have more need of a champion for your cause. At The Outlaw Firm, we stive to provide both.

Civil Litigation


At The Outlaw Firm, we are general civil litigators who understand the nuances of settlement negotiation in the conference room and trial strategy in the courtroom when your case must be resolved by a judge or jury.

We have litigated in all classes of Georgia’s courts, including Superior Courts, State Courts, Probate Courts, and local courts such as Magistrate and Municipal Courts. 

Whether your dispute is resolved by negotiation or mediation, or must be resolved in the state courts, we are prepared to provide the patient attention to detail, research acumen, and litigation experience necessary to investigate the merits of your claim, to seek a just and fair settlement, and, when necessary, to present your case at trial before a judge or jury


In addition to family law, our practice includes estate litigation, contractual and business disputes, tort claims, and legal malpractice. We never shy from a fight but negotiate and litigate from carefully prepared positions of strength.

The Outlaw Firm has the reputation of winning at trial, which enables us to obtain favorable settlements out of court in the majority of our cases. 

Finally, when your case requires specialized expertise beyond our practice areas, we are networked with many other legal professionals and are positioned to associate the expertise of specialists in all areas of tort and business law.

Bring us your case and we will diligently prosecute it and zealously advocate the most favorable outcome on your behalf.

Appellate Practice

Supreme court of georgia 
georgia court of appeals

In virtually every case resolved by trial instead of by negotiation, there is a clear winner and often a clear loser.

No one likes to lose a case, and sometimes judges or jurors, who are only human, make mistakes.

The appellate courts exist to correct mistakes. Whether you want to appeal a decision against you or your opponent is appealing a decision rendered in your favor, The Outlaw Firm legal team has extensive appellate experience in the Georgia Court of Appeals, the Georgia Supreme Court, and the U.S. Supreme Court. 

We are experienced wordsmiths who excel in the researching and drafting of appellate briefs, and in the art and science of advocacy when presenting a case before an appellate court.

We understand intimately the precise timing and specialized process, and we have a solid record of winning appeals.

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