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Representation begins with a signed representation agreement and an initial deposit for Firm services. It continues until the case is concluded or until we are released by a Court Order.

During our representation, we will do our best to advocate zealously for your interests. A client, in consultation with us, dictates the litigation goals, while we advise you how best to achieve those goals.



We believe you are entitled to meet your attorney and discuss your legal rights before making a commitment to hire an attorney.

One of the most important services we offer – free of charge – is the opportunity to receive a 30-minute in-office or telephone consultation with no obligation to retain our Firm.

It will be helpful if you prepare your questions in advance and bring any relevant paperwork to the initial consultation. This meeting will also be an opportunity to visit our office and meet our staff who will be assisting you if you chose to retain our Firm.

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As fees and expenses are incurred, they are billed against your initial deposit. When your deposit is exhausted, you will need to replenish it, set up a payment plan or provide appropriate security.

We will seek to delegate tasks to paralegal staff whenever possible to reduce costs.

Where appropriate and authorized by law, we will seek to recover from the opposing party any attorney fees and expenses you have paid.